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Clay - this roofing covering is not at all modern, actually one of the oldest roof coverings.  This roofing types goes all the way back to the 1600's actually, when first brought to America for use, and really has stayed in use by settlers who had decided to settle here.   And even today it remains a popular roof covering,  also known as giving a Mediterraean appearnce... 
Different Styles, Different Roofs
What follows here is a kind of condensed listing of some of the more common
roof covering options that are available, as they're are many.   Of course, to get a proper understanding, we heartily recommend that you consult with your
Milton Wilson Roofers for any and all questions you may have.    Remember, our consultation, and even estimates, and quotes, have no cost associated with them,  and plus you can meet some nice people too.   We have neglected to show examples of these various roofing types, since they are well known today ..
Asphalt - asphalt is indeed the most popular roof covering you are going to find in the United States throughout, and additionally in the Great State of Mississippi, and for the very best of reason, ... it is economical,  it is not difficult to lay down,  and lastly, it is also not difficult to keep in good working order.    This is also pleasing to purchasers, since there are a host of asphalt shingles available to you the buyer.  
Metal - many may no idea as to the duration of time that metal has been utilized for a roof covering, but the fact of the matter is,  that is actually goes back to the days of antiquity ...... that is for thousands of years.    The reason for this is quite simple,  durable, it lasts,  and it also is pleasant to look upon .. . It is because of these reasons that it has been consistently chosen for all sorts of building types, actually to about the time of Christ.   It does have staying power too,  metal roofing last quite a long time.
Wood Shingles - Actually,  this sort of roof covering enjoyed immense popularity at one time, some years back,  throughout a very good part of the U.S.   But as you can no doubt guess,  it had one drawback, and that was that it was flammable.   And it was due to this one fatal flaw, you might say,  that other types of roofing covering began to become chosen over it ...  actually giving rise to the "safer" asphalt shingles.   Nowadays, wood shingles have become treated so as to avoid the flammable they were known for in previous times.   Actually, they are now gaining the popularity they once enjoyed, because they do possess a beautiful appearance,  and do make excellent roofing shingles too.  
For your convenience, we have included a link to a popular page in Google,   covering nearly every sort of roof covering imaginable, if you have an interest,  we have provided that link so you may see it .........    Just click here .....

Like we way,  while pictures are in themselves excellent,  your Milton Wilson Roofing Specialist is able to provide you with any additional explanations you may need.    Thank you ...
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